Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Whole30 Prep and Thought Processing

Prepping for Friday. Thinking about what I have on hand and the best use of the good foods. My bacon and sausage are sugar free, so they're not a problem. I have dried fruits for times when I really am at wit's end, but that's not the best time to eat on W30 or any time. I picked up a couple cucumbers for slicing and having available. During my first W30, I ate cucumbers every day and remember that I really enjoyed that.

Here are some things I thought of right off the bat for cooking:

Chicken crock pot - celery, onions, carrots (handful of spinach?)
cabbage, onions, potatoes, carrots
cauliflower/rutabaga mash
spinach in freezer for eggs, etc.
Steak and mushrooms with green beans, use horseradish
Steak and mushrooms with the leftover goulash stock (already W30 compliant)
coconut milk and frozen fruits
Waldorf salad (chop some celery when doing the chicken crock)
tuna fish cakes using some of the leftover tuna
Pot of chili with beans for Richard and not for me. Maybe green beans. Maybe potatoes. Maybe nothing for me.
Frozen squash and potato mash.

I need to remember to check the freezer every morning. I have frozen fruits and vegetables galore. Cinnamon on warmed up fruit is really good and the coconut milk/cream is a nice addition.


Hard boiled eggs
Cut up cucumbers
Celery sticks with newer package of celery; cook the older celery.


Diet Dr Peppers






Stuff hanging around that doesn't fit the program and can't be frozen or fed to the dog.


W30 pages on Pinterest and web.

I need to process my thoughts like this. I have some mental health days ahead as Richard is out of town and other than responsibility to dog, work, and self, I'm free to be myself and choose wisely.

Monday, I may be going to Baltimore to hang with my nephew for a couple days as he begins his radiation therapy. I have take-with foods already in mind.

Whole30 starts now

Yep. I'm going to do a Whole30. I'm just sick of detours I've been taking.

It not only begins with food, it begins with my breakfast. I have all the right foods because I eat very close to paleo/Whole30 90% of the time.

So when do I start this thing? This is my worst time as Richard is out of town. Could I turn it around and make it my best time? I could sure try.

Can I make it 30 days without pumpernickel, cheese, and yogurt?

I did it once before and the results were nothing less than stunning.

I'd like to be done before October 25; that's our sort of anniversary. It's the one we celebrate.

Today is the 17th. The dog can finish up the cheese. I can freeze the pumpernickel. I can tuck the oatmeal away for another day. The yogurt can go in File 13.

September 19 is day 1. That makes today W30 -2.

I've been so sick of paleo-ish eating lately and I think it's a mental thing. I'm just being a dork. I need to rein it in and just do it. Even if I last a week (no!!!! go 30 days!!!!), I'm way better off than I am now. My body is screaming for control.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Tuesday's goals, Wednesday's goals

Post more than one meal (blog more than one time).

Exercise with new DVD.

Update: I did those thing! Yay, goals achieved.

Goals for Wednesday:

Exercise with that African dance DVD again. That was fun.

Do not stop after Citizens Police Academy to get a snack.

Post lunch on P30P.

Let's make it a day of pictures! (Recipe: Another breakfast casserole)

This casserole made me very happy. Here's the layering from the bottom up:
  • Thinly sliced fingerling or new potatoes - Just enough to make a thin layer on the bottom of the casserole dish. I used 4, but would use less next time.
  • Tomatoes, either fresh or canned and drained - I used a can of organic tomatoes chopped and drained them, but a large fresh one would work too
  • Browned/caramelized onions - I used a large onion and browned them last night
  • Sausage - I cooked mine last night and used 3 small crumbled patties in the casserole; I used hot sausage. 
  • Eggs (I whirled mine in the Magic Bullet) poured over top
  • Shredded cheese (Optional)
  • I used an 8" square casserole dish and baked at 350° for about 40 minutes. 

This could be made Whole30 friendly or you can branch out and make it a little more paleo/primal like mine. Today, though, this is my breakfast and not yours! 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beginning the week with thoughts, invoking Mojo!

224 felt really good.

Thigh numbness has been gone until a few pounds were gained. Weight related.

Right large toe is goofy. Weight and diabetes related.

Vision is not as good as it was. Age and diabetes (?) related.

Ooomph is varying more than I care to admit. Weight and diabetes related.

Night eating continues. I'm a fucking food addict. Weight and diabetes suffer as a result.

I need to put on my warrior hat. The fight for my continued health and life continues. I can't see this as anything other than a battle against my shoulder devil who says I can do whatever I want whenever I want. The other shoulder holds a healthy angelic creature telling me, "You can do it!" She's right. I can and I will.

There's no need to look back. There is a need to live today as best I can and make health the first task to attend to. It's all about food and exercise.

A little self-talk never hurt.

For now, the warrior with major mojo is on board and will make it so.

Leftovers make the best breakfast. I had some broccoli/potato mash that I added to a couple eggs and browned in a pan It fell apart, but who cares? It was still delicious. I finished it with a sprinkle of sea salt and some sharp cheddar shreds. Pancetta rounded it off and once again, I feel like I've had restaurant food!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 2 of self-talk and trying hard

My goal for the next couple months or so is to lose 10 pounds. That's in addition to sticking close to paleo/primal while maintaining a decent blood sugar level, avoiding lows with the new medication. I am trying not to obsess about food, but when I was obsessing, I did a really good job of balancing proteins and carbs along with a fair amount of fruits and a huge amount of vegetables. Maybe I should obsess?

For today, my FBS was 268. That's pretty good for me. My loaf of pumpernickel from Whole Foods is now gone. I won't buy it again. It's too tempting. If I get a loaf of Pepperidge Farm, I freeze it and use it sparingly. I just couldn't let this fresh bread see the inside of a freezer; that would be a crime against humanity!

The French toast was so good yesterday that I soaked the ends of the bread in eggs and did it again. I'm running low on fresh veggies, so into the bag of frozen green beans with me! I cooked those with the pancetta and feel like I've eaten gourmet once more. 

I'm not sure yet where lunch will take me, but I'm ready for whatever it ends up being. I need to hard boil some eggs for sure!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Jumping into the primal pool feet first

I have a few slices of pumpernickel from Whole Foods left, and I'm not about to toss it out. So, I gussied it up with a good soak in organic eggs and called it French toast. The patty pan squash was cooked with the pancetta and was really delightful. I'm almost out of those. The garden is starting to burn out, but there are a few left on the vines. To top it all off, I cut up half of my last garden tomato, warmed it in the pan, and tossed it on top of the French toast. I felt like I was eating food from a 5 star restaurant. Okay, maybe not that good, but pretty damned close. 

Finishing up some other things I have. Gluten free, flax/pumpkin waffles (Whole Foods goodie), yogurt, and peach for lunch. My pre-lunch blood sugar was down from the fasting (260 fasting, 251 before lunch), so that's a good thing. I got a 3/4 mile walk in earlier. I believe I'll be back to swimming this week now that the dog scratch wound is healed. It was way too deep for my comfort when it comes to a public pool. 

My goal this week is to up the veggie intake. I've been a little lax compared to this time last year. I have plenty of good food to prepare and plenty of impetus to get it done. My weakness is the last night. There's nothing new about that. With the new meds, I have to have a little something, but I do not have to have a pint of ice cream. That's slow suicide.